Vicissitude of Destiny (Paperback)

Vicissitude of Destiny By Piter Seloon (Translator), East West Man Cover Image
By Piter Seloon (Translator), East West Man
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With the growth of industry and the expansion of societies, some personal and social problems such as sexual diversity, annoying thoughts, bribery, etc., have also increased. Some of these problems can drastically affect the mental and physical health of individuals in life, and if not addressed, they will simply end in moral corruption, the collapse of the family unit, and irreversible damages. In this book, there are simple figures and statements that treat these problems, and by drawing and reading those just once, our busy mind understands a simple relationship that has been embedded since birth in the mind of the every human being as a law. A relationship between God and the power of mind to control negative intelligent forces and the sins of previous lives that, after the advancement of science and industry along with wrong information and poor religious teachings, this relationship has been cut down or weakened more than before, and its lack has weakened the guards, causing negative intelligence to enter the bodies and render the people of the community vulnerable.The present book is the first volume from the "Change of Fate" book collection. There are three chapters, titled "Sexual Diversity," "Annoying Thoughts" and "Bribery." Each chapter contains a short and readable story with a theme based on a particular personal and social abnormity, and some advice relating to overcoming the problem is given through simple figures and statements at the end of each story. - In the first chapter, titled "Sexual Diversity," Omid is a married man who seeks sexual diversity and has affairs with other women. His wife, Sarah, is aware of it but cannot find a solution to the problem. She visits the family advisor and reads many books to save her life, but those solutions just improve her living conditions for a short time, and Omid starts seeking diversity again. Until one of Sarah's friends gives her a book and tells her that she and her husband must read aloud the simple sentences in the book at least once, so Omid's sexual diversity that has become a part of their destiny, could be treated. Sarah does not believe that her big problem can be solved as simple as that. But her friend explains further to convince her. Finally, Sarah begins to read the book, while evil forces distract her so she cannot change her fate. Eventually, Sarah wins over the evil forces and says the simple statements of the book at least once and persuades Omid to say them. By saying sentences once, Omid quits diversity forever in less than six months and Sarah succeeds in changing the fate of her predetermined life. The sentences that Sarah and Omid said and saved their lives are presented at the end of the story to the people who have a sexual diversity problem, so by saying them once, they also change their fate.-In the second chapter, titled "Annoying Thoughts," Siamak has divorced her wife and has paid all of his capital for her marriage settlement. His life is in crisis, he is depressed, and the thoughts of the past haunt him. Finally, he decides to move to Tehran and settle in a cheap home. Although he can overcome his financial problems after a period of working, his mental and negative crises continue to hurt him and suck out his energy. One day, Ehsan, his friend, to help him overcome his psychological crisis, suggests him to read a book. In that book, there are sentences for triumphing over his old annoying thoughts and Siamak, by saying the statements once and carrying out the proposed practices and methods, is saved from the psychological crisis in less than eight months. The sentences are presented at the end of the story for those who face this personal problem. - In the third chapter, titled "Bribery," Milad, who is a committed and honest man at work, always faces financial problems. He has a friendly and affectionate family. One day, one of his colleagues suggests that he can take bribes from the clients of the office to overcome ...
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Publisher: Supreme Century
Publication Date: February 12th, 2019
Pages: 50
Language: English