You Will Never Be Normal (Paperback)

You Will Never Be Normal By Catherine Klatzker Cover Image
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One afternoon, during a routine meditation, a strange tingling grips Catherine Klatzker, followed by an explosion of voices crowding out her thoughts. Soon these voices, or "parts," begin to emerge more distinctly in her mind, accompanied by persistent insomnia and bouts of mortifying incontinence.

Fearing for her sanity, Klatzker turns to a meditation teacher and psychotherapist. What follows is one woman's unflinching excavation of years of repressed sexual and emotional abuse, manifested many decades later as Traumatic Dissociative Identity Disorder. A daring and unafraid debut memoir, You Will Never Be Normal delivers an arresting examination of the emotional toil-and toll-required to be made whole again.

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ISBN: 9781945233081
ISBN-10: 1945233087
Publisher: Stillhouse Press
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 356
Language: English