The Way of the Wild Goose: Three Pilgrimages Following Geese, Stars, and Hunches on the Camino de Santiago (Paperback)

The Way of the Wild Goose: Three Pilgrimages Following Geese, Stars, and Hunches on the Camino de Santiago By Beebe Bahrami Cover Image
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  • The author is a noted authority on the Camino pilgrimage. She has dedicated three decades to unearthing the mysteries, lore, and many-sensory experiences of this massive and ancient network of roads that are all destined for the northwest of Iberia. In addition to her five previously published books, Bahrami is also known for her essays and articles on travel, archaeology, outdoors and adventure, food and wine, spiritual, and cross-cultural themes. Bahrami's essays and articles have appeared in BBC Travel, Archaeology, Wine Enthusiast, The Bark, Bon Vivant, The Pennsylvania Gazette, National Geographic books, Expedition,, Transitions Abroad, and Perceptive Travel, among others
  • Bahrami's original voice is something of a cross between Mary Oliver's presence and reverence, Bill Bryson's humor and irreverence, and John McPhee's observation and inquiry.
  • Interest in the Camino is longstanding and growing. When Bahrami first walked the Camino in 1995, 19,821 people walked it that year. In 2019, the same year as the release of Bahrami's guidebook, Moon Camino de Santiago (Avalon Travel/Hachette), officials on the Camino estimated that nearly half a million people would complete the trail.
  • The majority of Camino memoirs recount the journey of a first-time pilgrim knocking about to Santiago de Compostela, often detailing the physical challenges of the trail and the social meetings and intrigue with diverse peoples from around the world. Few go more deeply into the meaning of the road, how it transforms a person, and that it is woven with old mysteries. Those narratives that do capture these latter qualities, as does The Way of the Wild Goose, also are the most read, reread, and talked about, and popular narratives.

Travel Writing Awards:

Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing:

  • Solas Silver, 2021 for "Disquiet in Lisbon" in the travel and shopping category.
  • Solas Honorable Mention, 2021 for "On Beauty and Foie Gras."
  • Solas Honorable Mention, 2015 for "A Spanish Death in the Afternoon."
  • Solas Bronze, 2013 for "The Night Bus Across Northern Spain" in the humorous travel category.
  • Solas Gold, 2012 for "Down a Stream in Iran and Up a Creek in Spain" in the women's travel category.
  • Solas Silver, 2012 for "Walking to Nemi ntilde;a" in the travel and transformation category.

Runner-Up Winner Travel Narrative Writing Contest, Transitions Abroad, 2008 for "Feasting in Fez."

Second Place in Memoir Writing, Philadelphia Writer's Conference, 2006 for "Chopping Herbs, Grinding Saffron."

Second Place in Magazine Writing, Philadelphia Writer's Conference, 2006 for "The Dogs of Northern Spain."

Fulbright Grant, 1992-1993.

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