How to Write Bar Exam Essays: Strategies and tactics to help you pass the bar exam (Paperback)

How to Write Bar Exam Essays: Strategies and tactics to help you pass the bar exam By Matt Racine Cover Image
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Does this sound familiar?

You've written dozens of exam essays during law school. You've been practicing writing bar exam essay responses. But, even with all these hours and days of essay practice, you still have no idea how to write a clear, concise legal exam essay response. You genuinely have been trying each semester during law school. You are doing your best with bar exam prep, but you just don't seem to be getting it.

You are not alone. In my experience, the majority of bar exam students have more difficulties writing bar exam essays than they do with any other part of the bar exam.

If left unaddressed, these difficulties can have long-term and expensive consequences. Failure to pass the bar exam because of poor essay writing is not uncommon. And, we all know, if you don't pass the bar exam, you cannot practice law. You can't start earning that long-anticipated lawyer salary. Your dream of becoming a lawyer will have to wait at least another six months until the next bar exam.

But, once you learn how to write bar exam essays the right way, nothing can stop you. You will be able to earn a passing score on the essay portion of the exam and very likely will pass the bar exam Your friends and family will be proud of you and, more importantly, you will be proud of yourself.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays is a concise, no-nonsense book, showing you how to write and practice bar exam essays in an easily-understandable way.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays begins with a chapter discussing the right mindset for bar exam preparation.

The next section of the book gets to the heart of the matter, discussing the four pillars of bar exam essay writing:

  1. technical requirements;
  2. issue spotting;
  3. outlining and formatting; and
  4. analysis.

Each pillar has its own chapter, complete with examples.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays finishes with a detailed discussion of practice strategy and scheduling to ensure that your essay practice time is well spent.

Anyone taking the bar exam can improve his or her essay writing skills by reading this book because it teaches a systematic and uncomplicated approach to writing bar exam essays.

If you are ready to write great bar exam essays, scroll up and buy your copy now.

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