Evidence, Law Essentials: Governing Law for Law School and Bar Exam Prep (Paperback)

Evidence, Law Essentials: Governing Law for Law School and Bar Exam Prep By Sterling Test Prep, Frank Addivinola Cover Image
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Thousands of students use our study aids to prepare for law school exams and pass the bar Passing the bar is essential for admission to practice law and launching your legal career.

This preparation guide describes the principles of substantive law governing the correct answers to evidence exam questions. It was developed by legal professionals and law instructors who possess extensive credentials and have been admitted to practice law in several jurisdictions. The content is clearly presented and systematically organized for targeted preparation.

The performance on individual questions has been correlated with success or failure on the bar. By analyzing previously administered exams, the authors identified these predictive items and assembled the rules of law that govern the answers to questions tested. Learn the essential governing law to make fine-line distinctions among related principles and decide between tough choices on the exam. This knowledge is vital to excel in law school finals and pass the bar exam.

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ISBN: 9781954725058
ISBN-10: 1954725051
Publisher: Sterling Education
Publication Date: June 28th, 2021
Pages: 136
Language: English