Agile Project Management: Beginner's step by step guide to Learn Lean (Paperback)

Agile Project Management: Beginner's step by step guide to Learn Lean By Andy Vickler Cover Image
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Have you wondered how you and your team can work effectively and meet the deadlines set by your customers and shareholders? Do you want to learn about the different project management methodologies you can use to achieve this goal? Do you want to learn an easier way to manage your work processes? If you are looking for an efficient way to manage the inner workings of your company, then this is the book for you.

You may have heard many businesses talk about project management. Unfortunately, until recently, people only relied on traditional project management methods like the Waterfall model. There are many methods that have come to light in recent years, such as Agile and Lean. The Agile project management methodology and Lean project management methodology are important methods to learn if you want to improve your team's efficiency and productivity.

Over the course of this book, you will discover:

● The definition and use of project management

● Various tools used to aid in project management

● An introduction to the Agile framework

● Different Agile project management methodologies

● Lean project management

● Lean startups and enterprises and more

This book sheds light on what your team can do to overcome various problems encountered during a project. It is important to understand the benefits so that you can convince your organization to attempt this new and amazingly efficient process.

So, what are you waiting for?

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ISBN: 9781955786157
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Publication Date: June 5th, 2021
Pages: 150
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