Fuller Sight (Paperback)

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Fuller Sight is a metaphysical novel. Much of the book takes place outside of time as we know it. Danny Anderson is an 18-year-old young man who has decided that he needs to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the girl he loves from throwing away her dreams of becoming a doctor. He kills himself by running his father's car into a bridge's concrete abutment.

Upon his death he meets his mother, Nora Anderson, who died nine years earlier. She is his guide for the remainder of the book, helping him review and better understand himself and those around him.

As he reviews his life, we gain a better understanding of his father, brother, and the Nigerian American family across the street who became a second family after his mother died in an automobile accident. We especially become acquainted with that family's daughter and Danny's best friend, Sad Okoro. Their friendship becomes mildly romantic to the point of Sad expressing her dream of going to college together which Danny believes is financially out of reach.

In any case, her university plans with Danny are abruptly shunted when she witnesses a drunken Mitchell Anderson violently slap Danny on the 9th anniversary of Nora's death. Sad takes Danny to be tended to by her mother, Ezzine Okoro. Danny experiences complete memory loss due to his father's blow.

That night, Mitchell dies in his sleep due to an accidental overdose accompanied by liquor. The next day Mitchell is discovered dead in his bed and the death is deemed suspicious. Circumstantial evidence along with a violent scene the day before makes Danny a person of interest.

Sad is convinced of Danny's innocence but Danny has less trust in himself than she has in him. She determines to tell the police she was the one responsible, reasoning that if the detectives have more than one suspect then their theory of the case would be so weakened that they wouldn't be able to charge Danny.

All throughout this story, Nora and Danny see all of this as well as the fuller view. They come to understand the karmic life lessons and how the greater community, both living and dead, are all on a path to grow, learn, and love each other. No one is excluded in the greater community, not even those who think and do their worst.

This same process continues as Nora guides Danny through previous lives as the son of South Carolina plantation owners in 1775; as a blind beggar and former commander of the royal guard in the Gorkha Kingdom (near Tibet and India) in 1680; as a monk and former heir to an English nobleman in 1349; as a widow and spy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1780; as an observer of Danny's grandmother when she was a suffragette in Washington DC in 1917; and finally back observing his father's actions in 1971.

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