The Things We Leave Behind (Paperback)

The Things We Leave Behind By Barbara Lehtiniemi, Julie Meier, Dawn Miller Cover Image
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The eight short stories included in this anthology offer a glimpse at Canada's geographic landscape-spanning the Yukon, Canadian Prairies, Great Lakes, and metropolitan Toronto while starring protagonists who are well-storied in loss, yet not all choose to grieve.

You will crunch across sub-zero tundra and bake on the beach alongside our hero(in)es. You will live like hermits and populate condos. You will search the remains of a knocked down church and dig up a decades old box. You will fall in love with a fallen angel and a sufferer of galeophobia.

Like the Canadians who created them, our feisty leads think outside the box to adapt to the challenges and changes thrust upon them.
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ISBN: 9781990336140
ISBN-10: 1990336140
Publisher: Chicken House Press
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Pages: 102
Language: English