Bloodsuckers: The life and cons of Jeremy and Amy Crawford (and the rest of the Crawford Clan) (Paperback)

Bloodsuckers: The life and cons of Jeremy and Amy Crawford (and the rest of the Crawford Clan) By Randy Rush Cover Image
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"Have nothing to do with the 'stinky fish' Jeremy Crawford."

Fifty-million-dollar lottery winner Randy Rush was only out for personal justice when he launched a court battle against Jeremy Crawford, a skilled con man who exploited mutual relationships and a deeply devoted Christian facade to swindle him out of more than $4.6 million.

But that all changed when Rush's court case hit Canada's national news media and other Crawford victims began contacting him to share their own stories of financial and emotional devastation.

Stunned by the volume of criminal accusations and outraged by lax laws when it comes to white collar crime, Rush realized that the only way to stop Jeremy, his wife, Amy, and his parents, Dave and Shirley, from hurting others was to expose them to the world.

In this scathing expos , Bloodsuckers, Rush -- working with a team of researchers -- documents Jeremy and Amy Crawfords' twenty-year crime spree ranging from identity theft to embezzlement to securities fraud. The book is based on more than a hundred interviews, countless hours of research and thousands of pages of meticulously documented records kept by victims who have held onto them over the years -- hoping that the information would one day take the Crawfords down.

After years of suffering in silence, Bloodsuckers gives victims the opportunity to finally have their voices heard. In doing so, it spotlights the devastating impact of white-collar crime and the glaring need for our criminal justice system to take action and do more to protect the public from these life-destroying criminals.

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ISBN: 9781999252434
ISBN-10: 1999252438
Publisher: Rantanna Media Inc.
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020
Pages: 352
Language: English