Commentary on Mathnavi 6: A Fresh Approach to the Foundation of Theoretical Mysticism (Paperback)

Commentary on Mathnavi 6: A Fresh Approach to the Foundation of Theoretical Mysticism By Nahid Abghari Cover Image
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According to the modern society, increasing interest in moral and mystical issues, especially a tendency toward Mulavi's thoughts, which were able to tie up with various religions and cultures humanely, through an attractive language, and a perfect clear spirit, under the banner of love nation; these series of books are as a precious guidance for fans in understanding the facts contained in Mathnavi and discovering Rumi's ideas. The proficient writer and researcher of the great series, has accomplished studies in order to prepare the readers' minds for a better understanding of the context; and has gathered its results in the first volume including, story and allegory definitions, their formation state, their place in literature, Rumi's life and etc. Every verse in Mathnavi is explained in this series of six books. Moreover, definitions of words, interpretations, the Quran allusions and anecdotes are written with cited references. Also descriptions and theoretical mysticism precise sensibility are mentioned in footnotes of given verses. The book, is based on an approach to the theoretical mysticism tenets and more than thirty years of research and analysis of Mulavi and Ibn Arabi's works. The author delves into the life of Rumi, the famous Iranian mystic and poet, to introduce him well to the world. For this purpose, she has explained all the verses, concepts, expressions and gestures used in Mathnavi. Because all of the Mathnavi also full of stories, anecdotes, and analogies, the author has dedicated a chapter of the book to the position of "Tales and Parables" in world literature, Persian literature and Mathnavi. As well as other chapters of this book were dedicated to topics such as "biography of Rumi,"" the tomb of Rumi," the House of Rumi," "Poetry from Rumi's point of view," " the biography of the mystics in Rumi's times and prophets named in Mathnavi ." In the second volume, 109 stories and anecdotes of Mathnavi were described.

About the Author

Nahid Abghari (1952/Iran- Mashhad) Nahid Abghari is a famous Iranian Rumi scholar who has conducted extensive research in the human sciences. Due to deep devotion to Jalal al-din Rumi, the writer has spent most of her time to introduce the great mystical poet and his outstanding works to the Iranians and to the world at large. By carefully studying Rumi's works and the books written about him, the author has produced a series of valuable books about the great mystic poet. Her book entitled 'A description of the Mathnavi' containing 6 thousand lines is a comprehensive commentary on Rumi. In another book entitled 'A Spiritual Study of the Stories in Mathnavi' Abghari has collected a lovely summary of almost all the stories, parables, anecdotes and allegories in the Mathnavi. Beside 'Stories of Rumi's Mathnavi' which has been described above, the author has written two other books entitled 'Articles about Mathnavi' and 'The Story of the Reed'. Nahid Abghari is living in Iran-Mashhad and is compiling other books of commentary about Rumi.
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