Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research) (Hardcover)

Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research) By Jane D. McLeod (Editor), Edward J. Lawler (Editor), Michael Schwalbe (Editor) Cover Image
By Jane D. McLeod (Editor), Edward J. Lawler (Editor), Michael Schwalbe (Editor)
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Preface.- Introduction.- Section I. Orienting Perspectives and Concepts.- Chapter 1. Status: Cecilia L. Ridgeway and Sandra Nakagawa.- Chapter 2. Theoretical Perspectives on Power and Resource Inequality; Shane Thye and Will Kalkhoff.- Chapter 3. Stigma and Social Inequality; Bruce G. Link, Jo C. Phelan, and Mark Hatzenbeuhler.- Chapter 4. Inequality: A Matter of Justice?; Karen A. Hegtvedt and Deena Isom.- Chapter 5. Intersectionality; Judith A. Howard and Daniel G. Renfrow.- Section II. Creating, Reproducing, and Resisting Inequality.- chapter 6. Constructing Difference; Amy C. Wilkins, Stefanie Mollborn and Borόka Bό.- Chapter 7. Dramaturgy and Dominance; Michael Schwalbe and Heather Shay.- Chapter 8. Language and Talk; Jocelyn A. Hollander and Miriam J. Abelson.- Chapter 9. Social Capital and Inequality: The Significance of Social Connections; Karen S. Cook.- Chapter 10. Social Justice and Local Systems of Interpersonal Influence; Noah E. Friedkin.- Chapter 11. Theoretical and Substantive Approaches to Socialization and Inequality in Social Psychology; Jeylan T. Mortimer and Heather McLaughlin.- chapter 12. Self, Identity, and Social Inequality; Peter L. Callero.- Chapter 13. Emotions and Affects as Source, Outcome, and Resistance to Inequality; Steven Foy, Robert Freeland, Andrew Miles, Kimberly B. Rogers and Lynn Smith-Lovin.- Chapter 14. Ideologies; Matthew O. Hunt.- Chapter 15. Legitimacy and Inequality; Henry A. Walker.- Section III. Contexts of Inequality.- Chapter 16. Unequal but Together: Inequality within and between Families; Kathryn J. Lovely, Jamie Oslawski-Lopez and Brian Powell.- Chapter 17. Schools; Barbara Schneider, Justine Judy and Kri Burkhander.- Chapter 18. The Social Psychology of Inequality at Work: Individual, Group and Organizational Dimensions; Nancy DiTomaso and Rochelle Parks-Yancy.- Chapter 19. Social Psychological Processes in Studies of Neighborhoods and Inequality; Lincoln Quillian.- Section IV. Dimensions of Inequality.- Chapter 20. The Social Psychology of Gender Inequality; Amy Kroska.- Chapter 21. Ethno-Racial Attitudes and Social Inequality; Frank L. Samson and Lawrence D. Bobo.- Chapter 22. Current Theorizing and Future Directions in the Social Psychology of Social Class Inequalities; Melissa A. Milkie, Catharine H. Warner and Rashawn Ray.- Chapter 23. The Social Psychology of Immigration and Inequality; Guillermina Jasso.- Chapter 24. The Life Course and the Social Organization of Age; Lynn Falletta and Dale Dannefer.- Chapter 25. Sexualities; Douglas P. Schrock, J. Edward Sumerau, and Koji Ueno.- Section V. Outcomes of Inequalities.- Chapter 26. Social Movements and Social Inequality: Toward a More Balanced Assessment of the Relationship; David A. Snow and Peter B. Owens.- Chapter 27. Social Inequality, Crime and Deviance; Ross L. Matseuda and Maria Grigoryeva.- Chapter 28. Health Inequalities; Jane D. McLeod, Christy L. Erving and Jennifer Caputo.- Index.

About the Author

Jane D. McLeod is Associate Dean for Social and Historical Sciences and Graduate Education and Professor of Sociology, at Indiana University. Her research considers health as both cause and consequence of inequality with special attention to life course considerations. She has co-edited two other volumes for Springer: Mental Health, Social Mirror (with William R. Avison and Bernice A. Pescosolido) and the Handbook of the Sociology of Health, Illness and Healing (with Bernice A. Pescosolido, Jack K. Martin, and Anne Rogers). She also co-edited The Sociology of Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Reader (with Eric R. Wright) for Oxford University Press. In 2014, she received the Leonard I. Pearlin Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Sociological Study of Mental Health from the Mental Health section of the American Sociological Association.Michael Schwalbe received his Ph.D. in sociology in 1984 from Washington State University. His research and writinghave focused on how self-concept formation and identity work are implicated in the reproduction of inequality. His books include Unlocking the Iron Cage: The Men's Movement, Gender Politics and American Culture; The Sociologically Examined Life; Remembering Reet and Shine: Two Black Men, One Struggle; Rigging the Game: How Inequality Is Reproduced in Everyday Life; and, most recently, Manhood Acts: Gender and the Practices of Domination. He is currently professor of sociology at North Carolina State University.Edward J. Lawler is the Martin P. Catherwood Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. His teaching and research areas are group processes, exchange, power, negotiation and the sociology of emotion. He has co-authored three books and edited or co-edited the annual series, Advances in Group Processes. In 2001, he received the Cooley-Mead Award for career achievement from the Social Psychology Section of the American Sociological Association and in 2003 his paper, "An Affect Theory of Social Exchange" won the 2002 Theory Prize from the Theory Section of the American Sociological Association. His most recent book (coauthored with Shane Thye and Jeongkoo Yoon), Social Commitments in a Depersonalized World (2009), won the 2010 James Coleman Best Book Award from the Rationality and Society Section of the American Sociological Association. He served as Editor of Social Psychology Quarterly from 1992-96.
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