Ending Homelessness in America: True Stories of Homeless People & A Practical Solution (Paperback)

Ending Homelessness in America: True Stories of Homeless People & A Practical Solution By Blessed Unami Sikhosana Cover Image
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Blssed Unami Sikhosana is a powerful writer and an unswerving voice for the voiceless homeless people in our society. Blessed is an Alumnus of Syracuse University located in Syracuse New York. In 2012, she earned her first master's degree in International Relations with Maxwell School of Citizenship. Then, in 2017, Blessed graduated again with a second Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Trauma Informed Practice with David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. Blessed is a devoted church pastor and a well-recognized certified life coach in Central New York. The author addresses homelessness from an objective perspective and dispels the persistent societal judgments that homelessness is either due to self-negligence or an individual's immoral behavior that results in them living in the streets. The author's account of homelessness is searing and does not shy away from examining the impact of the homeless person's childhood issues, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, losing parents to death, or excessive use of illicit drugs to numb the pain. Blessed addresses how unjust social systems contribute to and worsen homelessness. This book includes an anthology of personal testimonials from real people experiencing homelessness who are relegated daily to sleeping under bridges, on benches, in empty garages, parking lots, or many other unsafe places throughout America. Blessed addresses how agencies sometimes fail to address the issue of providing stable housing for the homeless. This professionally researched book is thought-provoking and written to reshape how readers should think about homelessness. It provides a platform for the voiceless homeless people in America as well as a motivating instruction manual and an essential read for researchers and professors of the social sciences, high schools and college students, and community agencies that work directly with homeless people to help combat one of the most critical and epidemic social issues of our time."

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ISBN: 9789692293907
ISBN-10: 9692293904
Publisher: Blessed Unami Sikhosana
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Pages: 140
Language: English