Breaking Free: Your Selfish Revolution Against Addiction (Paperback)

Breaking Free: Your Selfish Revolution Against Addiction By Dominique Raum Cover Image
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"Breaking Free: Your Selfish Revolution Against Addiction" is more than just a mere book; it serves as a trusted companion on the path towards liberation, illuminating the way to a future brimming with possibilities and devoid of the shackles of addiction. This groundbreaking investigation delves into a life-altering voyage through the battle for self-recovery. Rather than subscribing to conventional narratives that depict addiction as an arduous struggle, this book empowers individuals to reclaim their sense of self, aspirations, and objectives. Addiction, a multifaceted disorder characterized by persistent engagement in harmful behaviors or substance abuse despite adverse consequences, exacts a staggering toll of over $600 billion annually on the United States. This stark reality underscores the urgent necessity for comprehensive prevention and treatment strategies. The journey towards recovery is a profound and enlightening expedition of self-discovery.

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ISBN: 9798223513414
Publisher: Dr Healthfactory
Publication Date: February 9th, 2024
Pages: 192
Language: English