Age In Place At Home: Adapting The Home Environment For All Generations (Paperback)

Age In Place At Home: Adapting The Home Environment For All Generations By David L. Traut Caps Cover Image
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How to Adapt Your Home to Accommodate Disability

Have you discovered you need to adapt your current house and don't know where to begin? If so, this book is your pathfinder. Or perhaps you have determined it's best for you and your spouse to safely age at home surrounded by neighbors and familiar surroundings, but you need to identify how to proceed to Age in Place.

David Traut's book acts as a guidepost for exposing and modifying the shortcomings of accessibility your home exhibits. It will inspire and empower you to confront and overcome these problematic areas negatively affecting family members who need home accessibility the most.

What are some familial challenges most associated with home modifications?
  • You have a growing special needs child.
  • Elder family members are unable to maneuver through your present home's barriers.
  • A family member has suffered an accident and needs better accessibility to recover.
  • A family member suffers from a chronic degenerative disease.
  • You have decided to move an aging parent into your home needing increased accessibility.
  • Your extended family has undertaken a multi-generational path and lacks privacy and usability.

"Age in Place at Home" relinquishes your "just for now" attitude about establishing home. The book explains how you can eliminate accessibility problems: in a commonsense way while you avoid moving from house to house to accommodate the changing needs of your family. Many factors contribute to our interior design crisis like:

  • You are intimidated by steep, unapproachable home entrances.
  • Your home contains narrow doorways and entrances..
  • You have bathrooms that are too small lacking room for maneuverability.
  • Your home contains Impassible hallways due to a narrow width or ninety-degree turns.
  • Your kitchen has become unusable due to a lack of adaptability.

Never fear. You can adapt almost any existing home environment to overcome difficulties and enable you and everyone else in the family to comfortably live at home safely with correct planning and know-how..

Your quality of life will improve if you follow my advice. The positive result is every family member has equal accessibility throughout your home's interior. IT JUST MAKES GOOD SENSE.
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ISBN: 9798357326959
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Publication Date: October 24th, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English