Gospel Community: Embracing the New Kingdom-Family That Comes with Our New Identity in Christ (Paperback)

Gospel Community: Embracing the New Kingdom-Family That Comes with Our New Identity in Christ By Neal Ledbetter Cover Image
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Do you long for genuine relationships where you can know others and be known by them? Do you desire more than just gathering in the same space with others without any real connection? Yet, simultaneously, do you find yourself occasionally pushing back when someone gets too close? Why do you think you have that longing, and why do you think deep-abiding relationships are such a struggle to find and maintain? In this book, Pastor Neal Ledbetter makes the case that the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us answers. In the gospel, we are offered the endless treasure of Jesus and the never-ending, overflowing supply of treasures found in him. One of the rare jewels that comes with a new identity in Christ is a new gospel community, kingdom-family, and people to which we belong and in which we can know and be known. Paul calls it our inheritance in the saints (Eph 1:18), our citizenship with the saints, and our membership among the household of God (Eph 2:19-22). This new gospel community and kingdom-family is simply too important and too wonderful a treasure to ignore, avoid, or treat as unnecessary, unimportant, or secondary to our lives. This study will explore the extraordinary gift we have been given in gospel community. We'll see how the gospel transforms us individually and simultaneously forms us into a new people. We'll survey how we are intended to live together and the only sustaining motive and power for doing so. And finally, we'll examine several characteristics necessary to experience the rare jewel of gospel community.
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ISBN: 9798385000302
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pages: 128
Language: English