Building for the Future: Sustainable Property Design and Construction (Paperback)

Building for the Future: Sustainable Property Design and Construction By Vikash Dabriwal Cover Image
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I. Introduction
  • The importance of sustainable building practices
  • The impact of buildings on the environment
  • The benefits of sustainable building
II. Understanding Sustainability in Building
  • Definition of sustainable building
  • Key principles of sustainable building
  • Types of sustainable building certifications
III. Site Selection and Planning
  • The importance of site selection
  • Evaluating site characteristics and constraints
  • Site planning and design for sustainability
IV. Sustainable Building Materials
  • The impact of building materials on the environment
  • Sustainable materials selection and sourcing
  • Innovative building materials and technologies
V. Energy Efficiency
  • The importance of energy efficiency in buildings
  • Passive design strategies
  • Active systems for energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy sources for buildings
VI. Water Efficiency
  • The importance of water efficiency in buildings
  • Water-saving fixtures and appliances
  • Greywater systems and rainwater harvesting
  • Innovative water efficiency technologies
VII. Indoor Environmental Quality
  • The impact of indoor environmental quality on occupant health and comfort
  • Indoor air quality strategies
  • Lighting and acoustics for occupant comfort
  • Natural ventilation and daylighting
VIII. Waste Management
  • The importance of waste reduction and management in buildings
  • Strategies for reducing waste in construction
  • Recycling and composting in buildings
  • Innovative waste management technologies
IX. Green Building Rating Systems
  • An overview of green building rating systems
  • LEED, Living Building Challenge, and other certification programs
  • The benefits and limitations of green building rating systems
X. Cost and Benefits of Sustainable Building
  • The cost of sustainable building
  • The long-term economic benefits of sustainable building
  • The social and environmental benefits of sustainable building
XI. Case Studies
  • Examples of sustainable buildings in different regions of the world
  • Lessons learned from sustainable building projects
XII. Future Trends in Sustainable Building
  • Emerging technologies and innovations in sustainable building
  • The future of sustainable building in the face of climate change
XIII. Conclusion
  • The importance of sustainable building in the 21st century
  • Recommendations for building sustainable properties
  • The role of building professionals, policymakers, and individuals in promoting sustainable building practices
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