Red, white and blood blue: Henry and Alex brag about friendship (Paperback)

Red, white and blood blue: Henry and Alex brag about friendship By Cheema Aly Cover Image
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The Dark Tower is a series of seven novels (and a short story) that revolves around the figure of Roland Deschain, the last living member of an order of knights armed with guns, known as gunslingers. The world he lives in is quite different from ours even if it has strange similarities - organized politically along the lines of a feudal society, it shares social and technological characteristics with the old American West, as well as magical powers and relics belonging to an advanced society now. long gone. Roland's search, his reason for existing, is to find the Black Tower, a legendary construction that is said to be the hub of the universe, the "pivot" of all worlds ... In the work it is said that the world of Roland has "moved on", an expression that indicates a set of transformations and upheavals: crazy nations destroyed by wars, entire cities and regions wiped off the face of the earth without a trace: sometimes even the sun does not rise right in the east and does not set in the west . At the beginning of the series, Roland's goals, as well as his age, are unclear, but as you continue reading many things are revealed.
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ISBN: 9798440704145
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 27th, 2022
Pages: 508
Language: English