How Car Dashboards Evolved Over A 70 Year Period: A Must-Read For Every Old Car Fan: Dashboard In Automobile (Paperback)

How Car Dashboards Evolved Over A 70 Year Period: A Must-Read For Every Old Car Fan: Dashboard In Automobile By Sana Camastro Cover Image
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Even if you have only a passing interest in cars, you'll find This Book to be a fascinating read. Dashboards, apparently long neglected in the field of automotive writing, are a major element in our automotive pleasure. As you read the book you are reminded that a well-designed dashboard has everything to do with the car's interior ambiance and, therefore, our enjoyment of the car as we motor down the road. The Dashboard Book is filled with color photos that reveal the artistry, and frequently the quirks, of an array of great dashboards. The author's exhaustive research reveals a host of interesting facts and insights that further our appreciation, not just for dashboards but also for the American automobile.

This is the definitive full color illustrated history of the American automobile dashboard with more than 400 color photographs and more than 160 different cars. The first chapters include the elegant Curved Dash Oldsmobile of 1901/07, Sears mail order Motor Buggy, Ford's Model T, air-cooled Franklins, Cadillacs, Buick's 1914 Torpedo Touring, Auburn, Duesenberg, Pierce-Arrow, Essex, Hudson, Lincoln, LaSalle, Chevrolet, 1936 Cord, and my visit to Jay Leno's garage. The early chapters also include the evolution of dashboards from simple wooden boards of the carriage and buggy styles to the development of the firewall, cowl, and instrument panels of the early 1900s to the conflicting cockpit and living room styles of the 1920s and to the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne styles of the 1930s. Later chapters include cars from the '40s '50s and 60's including models from Studebaker and the Avanti, Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Corvette, Mustang, Pontiac GTO, the Tucker, Oldsmobile, Jay Leno's Nash, Rambler, and more.
An exterior photo of every car accompanies each dashboard photo and description.
Early instrumentation is also discussed as is the influence of the first affordable closed car. Brief histories and descriptions of dashboard accessories and controls like the cigar lighter, ashtrays, glove boxes, radios, a cigarette dispenser, tissue dispensers, and a glove box mini bar, and windshield wipers are also included as well as a full Works Cited list.
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Publication Date: August 25th, 2021
Pages: 332
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