From Gambling To The 12th Of October, 2019...: A True Story Of Agonizingly Beautiful Life Experiences (Paperback)

From Gambling To The 12th Of October, 2019...: A True Story Of Agonizingly Beautiful Life Experiences By Aanya Nats Cover Image
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This book is a true account all about the events, people, places and feelings that Aanya Nats has sifted through since the 12th of October, 2019. It contains explicit and graphic accounts of abuse; emotional, physical and sexual.The contents of this book are going to revolve, directly or indirectly, around the consequences of repetitive trauma, in one manner or the other. Along with that, it is going to invoke a whole lot of questions regarding humanity, kindness and love, and how multi-faceted and conditional even the most beautiful relationships can turn out to have been all along.While a lot of the chapters within the pages of this book will most definitely be hard-hitting to the majority of readers, it also brings about a certain sense of clarity with "well-defined", rigid concepts like humanity, kindness, beauty, prejudice, judgement and inclusion.As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Aanya, like many others from the community feels extremely passionate about freedom of expression and genuine, unconditional love and acceptance. Through the words on the pages within the chapters of the book, she has shown how much aspiring and worthy people like Nikita Meyers truly are.There are a lot of questions that she poses to the reader, both overtly and silently. These questions are not necessarily meant or going to be answered within the contents of the book. A lot of them are meant to simply provide a certain sense of honesty to oneself about where one truly stands on any given subject discussed in life.She clearly depicts through her story that more often than not, people are dishonest, to others as well as themselves about how they feel, sometimes so unconsciously that it seems unreal when the truth is unveiled.Despite everything she's going to plant within your boundless sub-conscious, she still strongly emphasizes the purity of unconditional love and the potential for genuine, unconditional kindness.While this book is primarily about the events from the date in question (12th October, 2019), there are several flashbacks to certain things that took place previously in her life. Though there is a lot of context and perspective given for those.Anyone that wishes to open this book or perhaps even read just a few pages, small disclaimer, while it will possibly be extremely disturbing, once you begin the first chapter, it will be really tough to eliminate your curiosity to know what lies ahead.Enjoy.
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ISBN: 9798625477376
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Pages: 150
Language: English