750+ Hymnist Biographies (Hardcover)

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Discover a comprehensive compilation of 750+ biographies of renowned hymnists, delving into the brilliant minds behind their inspiring lyrics and enchanting melodies, accompanied by a treasure trove of over 1650 listed hymns of merit.

Based on passion and in researched facts, author John Duane Perry's work of heart, 750+ Hymnist Biographies, chronicles the lives of many famous church musicians, pastors, and church leaders, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Joseph Hadyen, and many more. It also lists many common, but obscure well-written hymns, including:

  • Titles
  • Date written
  • Found in what hymnal & page
  • Lyrics author/music composer

Written in reverence for followers of God and in an effort to do his bidding, 750+ Hymnist Biographies immortalizes the captivating stories of the many talented and timeless church composers.

The information within 750+ Hymnist Biographies is good for sermon stories or general information for those having interest in the lives of our great hymn writers, as most covered in the book now being deceased.

This is a reference work pastor, church musician, choir director, or researcher of early church information needs in their bookcase or on their desk. As one of the most inclusive biography books for hymnists of all time, 750+ Hymnist Biographies provides easy access and a readable glossary for quick reference and use.

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ISBN: 9798822916159
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: August 21st, 2023
Pages: 564
Language: English