Liberty Hijacked: The History of How the Loss of Liberty Divides Liberia (Paperback)

Liberty Hijacked: The History of How the Loss of Liberty Divides Liberia By Kai G. Wleh Cover Image
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In Liberty Hijack, Kai comprehensively, systematically, and analytically takes on the origin and History of the divisions between the settlers ruling class and the indigenous people of Liberia. He unveils the tragedy of the slave trade and the hidden intent of the American Colonization Society, the repatriation movement, and the role of some Christian Churches in keeping Liberia divided. He provides numerous examples and craftily utilizes a broader methodology that uncovers most of Liberia's hidden and forgotten history from the settlement to the Tubman rule.

One of the questions that the Liberty hijacked strives to answer in a more profane way is how the loss of Liberty continues to divide Liberia, and the answer stands as the crux of this book. Indeed, the book discusses how thousands of formerly enslaved people who decried the sufferings imposed on them in southern American plantations dramatically negated and abandoned the freedom for all, including the natives but to themselves.

Ultimately, the only logical way that the Liberian nation can effectively resolve the settlers-natives conflicts is to research deeper into the critical issues. The Liberty Hijacked represents that approach to dismantle the tendencies that continue to suppress knowledge regarding what happened at the inception of the Liberian state that hijacked the establishment of an inclusive free land that the settlers once envisaged.

Liberty Hijack is a must-read for anyone who cares about understanding an independent perspective of Liberian History, especially regarding misrule and the settlers-natives divide, and a prescription that revolves around a country that enhances and actualizes the "Love of Liberia and Liberty" for all. Kai is well situated to discuss, analyze, and present the settlers-natives divide because he lived in both households and has an in-depth understanding of the impacts of the ridge on the country.
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