2024 CPA Exam Review - Auditing and Attestation (Paperback)

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At Least Know This publishes a focused review for the Auditing and Attestation section of the CPA Exam. This book is updated for the CPA Evolution initiative, the new CPA exam model starting in 2024.

Now shipping with new cover in larger format. Book has increased from 25 pages to 31 pages. Please visit website if you prefer a digital download version.

Our goal is to help exam applicants retain as much as possible. We do not believe applicants must memorize 300 pages of review to pass the CPA exam. And, given fewer pages, we find they have greater retention. To shorten our books, we drop the exposition and teach with examples instead. We use tables because they structure and compare information efficiently. And we improve the quality of our writing.

The result is Auditing and Attestation in 31 pages.

  • Definitive tables for Compilations, Reviews and Audit Sampling.
  • Precise abridgment and arrangement of Auditing Standards.
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ISBN: 9798876443144
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 17th, 2024
Pages: 38
Language: English