30-Minute Portrait Drawing for Beginners: Easy Step-by-Step Lessons and Techniques for Drawing Faces (30-Minute Drawing for Beginners) (Paperback)

30-Minute Portrait Drawing for Beginners: Easy Step-by-Step Lessons and Techniques for Drawing Faces (30-Minute Drawing for Beginners) By Rockridge Press Cover Image
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Learn to draw portraits with easy 30-minute lessons

Do you want to develop the skills to create detailed and expressive portraits? This book makes it easy! Each page guides you through short, at-home lessons on how to draw realistic faces. As you work your way through step-by-step instructions for everything from choosing supplies to outlining a face and sketching each feature, you'll start to transform basic lines into fully-formed portraits.
  • No experience required—These exercises are designed for complete beginners, helping you learn the foundations of drawing in bite-size lessons.
  • Quick and simple exercises—With activities that only take half an hour, it's easy to make time to draw on a coffee break, over lunch, or whenever your schedule allows.
  • Grow your skills—Explore techniques that build on each other as you play with key elements like shadow, light, and texture.

Spark your artistic side with 30-Minute Portrait Drawing for Beginners!

About the Author

ROCKRIDGE PRESS creates content that inspires, engages, and educates. Our mission is to understand what customers need and to provide well-researched and empathetic solutions. We strive to improve our customers' lives by publishing books that make a difference.

Praise For…

“This book is great! It assumes you have no skill and coaches you from the beginning. Of course as with any new skill it will take a lot of practice. I am thoroughly enjoying learning how to draw faces little by little.” Customer Review

“This is a beginners book. Perfect for my needs. It starts out very simple and gets progressively harder. As you go throughout the book, it covers laying out faces and then moves onto different ways to shade them and make them look more realistic. I feel this book is a great launchpad to anyone who wants to learn how to draw portraits.”—Customer Review

“Learning to draw takes seconds, learning to draw well takes dedication and practice. With this book, I believe anyone who puts in the time can become as great as they want to be.” —Customer Review
Product Details
ISBN: 9798886500479
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: January 24th, 2023
Pages: 105
Language: English
Series: 30-Minute Drawing for Beginners