The Joseph Mandate (Paperback)

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Africa has blessed the world with astronomy, understanding of the sciences, precision engineering, mathematics, and indigenous technologies such as irrigation, inoculation, and much more. In addition, cities such as Giza, Timbuktu, and Fez housed ancient palaces, architectural monuments, the world's oldest University (Al Quaraouiyine), the cultural heritage of Timbuktu's priceless library manuscripts, etc., with a myriad of innovations comparable to developments in Europe at large. All of these and much more show Africa as a crucible of great minds and great displays of wealth, such as with Queen of Sheba and Candice, the Queen from Ethiopia. More importantly, Scripture highlights prophetic fulfillment through the crucial roles Africa played in preserving the posterity of the Hebrews and becoming a refuge for Jesus during the time of Herod.

he Joseph Mandate reflects the Lord's intent to raise up a company of people mandated to spearhead systemic reformation and transformation for sustainable socioeconomic growth to empower the continent for the fulfillment of its redemptive purpose. There is an activation of gifting and release of mantles to empower people within Africa and from the diaspora to take the helm of transforming the continent for the advancement of the kingdom of God in the earth.

It is time for Africa to arise and provide leadership (spiritual and economic) to the world. Although this may seem like a far-fetched call, it has the backing of Scripture: Revival shall come out of Cush (Psalm 68:31, Isaiah 19:19); as such, this book enables a paradigm shift in the minds of a Joseph-type people to rebuild Africa so as to preserve a posterity of Jehovah's seed, secure His remnant in the earth, and serve as a blueprint and mandate for sustainable development (Genesis 45:5-7).


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