The Dissociation Made Simple Flipchart: A Visual Guide for Clinicians Working with Dissociative Clients--Addresses dissociation as a symptom of CPTSD, OSDD, DID, and trauma (Spiral bound)

The Dissociation Made Simple Flipchart: A Visual Guide for Clinicians Working with Dissociative Clients--Addresses dissociation as a symptom of CPTSD, OSDD, DID, and trauma By Jamie Marich, PHD Cover Image
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An essential resource for psychologists, therapists, and clinicians to help clients understand dissociation, make sense of their parts, and visualize depersonalization and derealization—a stigma-free guide from the bestselling author of Dissociation Made Simple

An interactive dry-erasable tool for use with clients with dissociative identity disorder (DID), complex trauma, PTSD, and dissociative disorders not otherwise specified (DDNOS)

This easy-to-use, dry-erasable flip chart helps therapists break down the basics of dissociation: what it is, why it happens, and how it can be understood—and embraced—as a key part of your client’s healing journey.

The full-color Dissociation Made Simple Flipchart builds on Jamie Marich, PhD’s, bestselling book and expands your clinical toolkit. Designed to be interactive and user-friendly in-session, it offers easy-to-understand definitions, unique client-centered exercises, flexible language options, and visual activity pages thoughtfully illustrated to meet the needs of clients with different learning styles.

Use the Flipchart with clients to:
  • Understand—and go beyond—dissociation and trauma 101
  • Show how trauma acts on the body and brain
  • Demystify terms like “parts,” “system,” and “alter”
  • Build their “safe-enough” harbor
  • Relate to real-life examples from people with dissociative experiences
  • Understand treatment options and different approaches to dissociative symptoms
  • Practice techniques for grounding, anchoring, settling, and mindfulness
  • Do interactive activities like mapping their parts
  • Challenge myths, biases, and stigma
  • Learn about their dissociative tendencies—and discover what helps them return to the present moment

For use with clients with trauma-related dissociation, dissociative identity disorder, DDNOS, and more, the Flipchart is a compassionate and invaluable clinical resource that helps you explore complex concepts with ease—demystifying dissociation and providing a roadmap to understanding, agency, and empowerment.

About the Author

JAMIE MARICH, Ph.D. (she/they) speaks internationally on topics related to EMDR therapy, trauma, addiction, dissociation, expressive arts, yoga, and mindfulness, and maintains a private practice in her home base of Akron, OH. Marich has written numerous books, notably Trauma and the 12 Steps: An Inclusive Guide to Recovery. She has won numerous awards for LGBT+ and mental health advocacy, specifically in reducing stigma around dissociative disorders through the sharing of her own lived experience.

Praise For…

"Building upon Jamie Marich’s groundbreaking insights in Dissociation Made Simple, this flipchart
serves as your essential guide for navigating the complex world of dissociation...."
—ROTEM BRAYER, MEd, LPC, founder of the EMDR Learning Community and author of The Art and Science of EMDR


"... a refreshing and necessary addition to the clinical discussion of trauma and dissociation.”
—EMMA SUNSHAW, creator of the System Speak podcast and author of If Tears Were Prayers

"... the fresh approach we’ve needed to look at dissociation...."
—ANNA DAVID, New York Times best-selling author of Party Girl and founder of Legacy Launch Pad Publishing

"Dr. Marich is a pioneer in the trauma-recovery field. Her expert strategies are always accompanied by compassion and kindness. I will recommend this book to my clients."
—VERONICA VALLI, author of Soberful and cohost of the Soberful podcast

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ISBN: 9798889840299
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: June 25th, 2024
Pages: 44
Language: English