The Gospel Of Fury: The World of Make Believe (Hardcover)

The Gospel Of Fury: The World of Make Believe By Ignatius Benjamin Fury Cover Image
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Mankind exists today during the time when the first epoch passes into his second epoch; mankind passes from childhood to adulthood; youth and our simple existence gives way to accountability and responsibility; two-thousand years have passed since the son-of-God walked the Earth; God has now delivered His modern message through the powerful gospel. Angel Fury enables the progressive words necessary to embrace the past, and to mold the future as the shepherd intends. God did send what He promised at just the right time giving all things to the one life of Angel Fury. The one life presents the meaning we need to place ourselves safely onto the path the shepherd plans for, and to enable us to understand the history He shaped. Explore the modern gospel, be a good skeptic; weigh the stars of reality; embrace the keys to unlock His mystery and know that God has sent His modern mission.

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ISBN: 9798890902849
Publisher: Expresso Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024
Pages: 264
Language: English