The Gist of Bid Whist: The Culturally-Rich Card Game from Black America (Paperback)

The Gist of Bid Whist: The Culturally-Rich Card Game from Black America By Lamont Jones Cover Image
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The world's greatest card game awaits you.

Combining the strategic engagement of Bridge and the risk-taking swagger of Poker, Bid Whist has captivated luminaries like Justice Thurgood Marshall, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson-and inspired a passionate following in Black American communities for generations.

Accessible to players of all ages and backgrounds, the fast-paced game sparks camaraderie and rewards teamwork worthy of the best jazz ensembles and basketball teams.

The Gist of Bid Whist equips you with a firm grasp of the game's fundamentals and a deep understanding of Bid Whist strategy. It also enhances the "card sense" that will enable you to thrive at any of your favorite trump card games, including Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Oh Hell, Bridge-or, of course, Bid Whist.

The Gist of Bid Whist explores the fascinating role of the Pullman porters, who crisscrossed the nation, sharing the latest jazz and blues records, insights that helped fuel the Great Migration, and the card game that was integral to life as a porter, Bid Whist. Poetically, Bid Whist would prove to be vital to the porters' ultimate heroic impact on America.

Lamont Jones is a boxing lawyer and card game enthusiast devoted to helping Bid Whist reclaim its cultural prominence. The Gist of Bid Whist is part celebration, part workshop, part cultural history-with a generous dash of humor, sports anecdotes and tips contributed by a vibrant cast of engaging personalities.

Let's play Bid Whist

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ISBN: 9798987407639
Publisher: Clyde Hill Publishing
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English