Cease Buzzer!: Life as a U.S. Navy EA-6B Pilot in the Era of Top Gun (Hardcover)

Cease Buzzer!: Life as a U.S. Navy EA-6B Pilot in the Era of Top Gun By J. P. Springett Cover Image
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Deny, Degrade, Deceive, and Destroy - These are the objectives of the crews that flew the EA-6B "Prowler."

"Cease Buzzer " is the author's description of the world of tactical Naval Aviation from the perspective of a career EA-6B pilot. Embark on a three-decade long journey with the author as he navigates through flight training and his first several fleet squadrons, takes command of an EA-6B squadron, and ultimately steers the Electronic Attack Wing of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Discover life aboard a carrier, amusing port visits, engaging training detachments, and an array of high-intensity liberty experiences. Beyond the personal anecdotes, this book also sheds light on combat actions in Serbia, Kosovo, and Iraq, and provides a distinctive viewpoint on land-based EA-6B combat support in Afghanistan.

The period that this book covers could easily be identified as the "Top Gun Era" of Naval Aviation, and it was exceptionally busy for the real pilots of the U.S. Navy. The public is generally aware that Navy strike and fighter pilots flew hundreds of thousands of combat sorties, and employed millions of pounds of ordnance on enemy targets. What most will not be familiar with are the extensive operations of the EA-6B community during this period and the fact that no Navy striker or fighter went into harm's way without their dedicated Electronic Warfare support.

The job of EA-6B crews was not intended to make it into the headlines. The aircraft was designed to "Deny, Degrade, Deceive, or Destroy" our adversary's air defense systems so that the fighter guys could get their job done and safely return to the carrier. As the Global War on Terror transformed from conventional combat into an extended period of counter-insurgency operations, the EA-6B community discovered a new role; providing direct Electronic Warfare coverage for the troops on the ground.

While all of the carrier-based Prowler squadrons supported the troops from the sea, some of us left the carrier and began to operate our squadrons from air bases across Iraq and Afghanistan. Although this new obligation meant that the small EA-6B community was stretched to its limit, it was done without complaint. We were saving lives and ensuring that more of the young Americans who had volunteered to serve their nation could return home when their job was done.

"Cease Buzzer " is the author's attempt to capture some of his best Naval Aviation "sea stories" before they all fade away.

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ISBN: 9798987975718
Publisher: Commodores Ridge
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 284
Language: English