It's The Cities, Stupid! (Paperback)

It's The Cities, Stupid! By Mike Duffy, Gretchen Doolittle (Editor) Cover Image
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With a sharp wit, and an abundance of sarcasm and cynicism, it is as though the author was looking under every rug and opening all the closet doors exposing the dirty little secrets and the skeletons that have America marching toward the exit doors of history.

By calling to remembrance our foundations of freedom and recognizing the fragility of our nation today, the author exhorts the reader to embrace truth, justice, and the American way.

He identifies that 42% of the electorate reside in twenty-five metro areas that seem to be led by one political movement and ignored by the other major party. He challenges the reader to re-examine their choices of leadership by highlighting issues requiring values judgments and exposing the godlessness of the political movements that have our nation wallowing in the mire of wokeness and sliding toward the exits of reality and righteousness.

The author addresses controversial issues, including the evil triangle in the black community that through personal greed for wealth and power has ushered in calamity, catastrophe, and the destruction of the black family. He sees the world as standing on the threshold of tribulation and Armageddon and offers a biblical perspective by recalling events in human history where evil conspiracies had consumed and corrupted the modern culture. He includes a stunning illustration of a nation's demise that fell victim to the corrupt leadership of those with religious influence and political power that resulted in the population's apathy and selfishness.

He reminds the readership that accountability is a real thing, and judgment day is approaching. Every individual has a free-will that makes choices. It is these choices for which they will one day give account to their maker. In the meantime, they must live with the consequences of their choices The author does not leave us simply with the identification of the problems, and the whining of the politicians, and the hopelessness of the status quo. He suggests solutions, real solutions, that hold the prospect of America returning to it's "shining city on a hill" status in a world of chaos and corruption.

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ISBN: 9798989431410
Publisher: Dr. Mike Duffy
Publication Date: January 5th, 2024
Pages: 146
Language: English