BOOKGRAM: A Special Delivery Service for our Favorite Readers!

Gramercy Books is so excited to offer you hand-selected titles sent bi-monthly to your home! Each book you receive will be a surprise!

It’s so easy. All you have to do is pick your favorite book category (fiction, non-fiction, mystery/thriller, and romance) and choose whether you want your subscription to be for six months or for twelve months!

Book Gram box closed

All categories, except for romance, are hardcover books. Romance novels are paperbacks. As part of your Bookgram subscription purchase, you will receive a 15% off gift coupon to use for your next visit to Gramercy Books! BOOKGRAM is also a great gift opportunity for holidays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! If a gift, be sure to note the recipient’s name and the different shipping address.

Hardcover Fiction

Literary or commercial fiction, book club fiction, historical fiction, or contemporary fiction.
3 books over 6 months / $114
6 books over 12 months / $228

Hardcover Nonfiction

Memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, and histories.
3 books over 6 months / $114
6 books over 12 months / $228

Hardcover Mystery/Thriller

Gripping mysteries, puzzling whodunits, and thrilling crime novels.
3 books over 6 months / $114
6 books over 12 months / $228

Paperback Romance

Heartwarming love stories, steamy trysts, and delightful rom-coms.
3 books over 6 months / $78
6 books over 12 months / $156

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Every 2 months. For the 6-month program, you will receive 3 books over the course of 6 months. For the 12-month program, you will receive 6 books over the course of 12 months. Your books will be shipped bi-monthly.

Yes, and what a fun surprise for book lovers! You'll be able to select a gift option and the recipient when you check out.

These selections are just-released paperbacks in the romance category. Fiction, non-fiction, and mystery/thrillers are all hardback editions.

We will hand-select titles for you in the category you prefer—that's part of the fun! Just sit back and enjoy the surprise when it arrives.

Yes, shipping is included in the price of the service.

No. But we hope that you love this program so much that you'll want to continue receiving deliveries. With your last box, we'll send a reminder that it's time to renew.