An Evening with Maurice Clarett

Friday, February 28, 2020 - 7:00pm
Gramercy Books
2424 East Main Street
Bexley, OH 43209

Join former Ohio State football great and national champion Maurice Clarett to hear about his story of humility and redemption, One and Done: How My Life Started When My Football Career Ended. Clarett will be in conversation with his co-author, Bob Eckhart who taught English at Ohio State and was Clarett’s tutor and mentor in the Student Athlete Support Services Office.

More than 10 years in the making, Clarett’s autobiography follows his journey from the south side of Youngstown, to Columbus and Ohio State, and then to the Toledo Ohio Correctional Institute. In prison, Clarett took courses like Responsible Adult Culture, read books on Entrepreneurship, and prepared himself to succeed.

Very few people have experienced the highs and lows that Maurice Clarett has, particularly in such an abbreviated time frame and at such a young age. The first freshman running back to start at Ohio State, Clarett was instrumental in helping OSU clinch the National Championship in 2002, his only season at Ohio State. After much success on the field, Clarett had trouble finding that same level of success off the field and found himself serving a 7 ½ year prison sentence after pleading guilty to robbery and firearms charges. It was there that he began to take that work ethic and discipline that brought him so much success as a football player. His growth and leadership permitted him to be released four years early.

Now 36, Clarett says his greatest source of enjoyment is encouraging others and helping them find a roadmap to success. His hopes are for his new autobiography to raise money toward the establishment of a residential center where student athletes can get emotional and other support and work to create identities outside of sports. “Prison is the place where life slowed down and I became a man, but nobody should have to go to prison to gain knowledge of self and develop into a responsible adult,” Clarett writes.