The Genius of Women: Author Janice Kaplan in conversation with The Women’s Fund’s Kelley Griesmer

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 7:00pm
Drexel Theatre
2254 East Main Street
Bexley, OH 43209

Join New York Times bestselling author Janice Kaplan, as she shares her latest book, The Genius of Women:  From Overlooked to Changing the World, in conversation with Kelley Griesmer, CEO of The Women’s Fund. In her book, Kaplan wonders why 90 percent of Americans believe that geniuses are almost always men and explores the powerful forces that have rigged the system—as she celebrates the women geniuses, past and present, who have triumphed anyway.
Columbus School for Girls, Drexel Theatre, and The Women’s Fund are Gramercy’s Community Partners for this exclusive program.
Tickets at $10 are available on 
Eventbrite and will go toward the purchase of THE GENIUS OF WOMEN, which will be available at the February 24th event.

Even in this time of rethinking women’s roles, we define genius almost exclusively through male achievement. When asked to name a genius, people mention Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Steve Jobs. As for great women? In one survey, the only female genius anyone listed was Marie Curie.

Janice Kaplan, the New York Times bestselling author of The Gratitude Diaries, set out to determine why the extraordinary work of so many women has been brushed aside. Using her unique mix of memoir, narrative, and inspiration, she makes surprising discoveries about women geniuses now and throughout history, in fields from music to robotics. Through interviews with neuroscientists, psychologists, and dozens of women geniuses at work in the world today—including Nobel Prize winner Frances Arnold and AI expert Fei-Fei Li—she proves that genius isn't just about talent. It's about having that talent recognized, nurtured, and celebrated. Kaplan has enjoyed wide success as a magazine editor, television producer, writer, and journalist. The former editor-in-chief of Parade magazine, she is the author or coauthor of fourteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Gratitude Diaries and I'll See You Again

Kelley Griesmer serves as the President and CEO of The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, a public foundation that is fiercely committed to igniting social change for the sake of gender equality. A bridge-builder with an unwavering commitment to gender equity, inclusivity and women’s and girls’ leadership, Kelley has a proven track record of creating opportunities and sparking change for women, girls, and families in central Ohio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and history from Indiana University and a juris doctorate degree from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.