Gramercy Salon@2424 Presents Jonathan Weisman

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 7:00pm
Jewish Community Center
1125 College Avenue
Columbus, OH 43209

Short and powerfully written, (((SEMITISM))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump by New York Times Deputy Washington Editor Jonathan Weisman (St. Martin’s Press, March 20) examines the pressing threats aimed at Jews and other vulnerable groups today, and the alarming tolerance toward those who spread hate since the election of Donald J. Trump. Weisman suggests ways to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry. Kirkus Reviews called (((SEMITISM))) "an urgent and compelling report on the clear and present danger of proto-fascism in the U.S." An exclusive central Ohio event, Weisman's book discussion will be held at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus. OSU Hillel and the JCC of Greater Columbus are Gramercy's Community Partners for this special program.

In (((SEMITISM))), Weisman explores the disconnect between his own sense of Jewish identity and the expectations of his detractors and supporters. He delves into the rise of the Alt Right, their roots in older anti-Semitic organizations, the odd ancientness of their grievances―cloaked as they are in contemporary, techy hipsterism―and their aims―to spread hate in a palatable way through a political structure that has so suddenly become tolerant of their views. The book concludes with a look toward the future and what we should do next, realizing that vicious as it is, anti-Semitism must be seen through the lens of more pressing threats. Weisman proposes a unification of American Judaism around the defense of self and of others even more vulnerable: the undocumented immigrants, refugees, Muslim Americans, and black activists who have been directly targeted, not just by the tolerated Alt Right, but by the Trump White House itself.

Jonathan Weisman is the author of the novel, No. 4 Imperial Lane, which was a Chautauqua Prize finalist, Amazon Best Book of the Month, and Great Group Reads Pick at the Women’s National Book Association. He has reported for The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and others. 

General admission tickets are $12.50 and available HERE. Your ticket entitles you to a $10 discount of (((SEMITISM))), which you can purchase at Gramercy Books, 2424 E. Main Street, or at the event.