A Night of Feminist Satire and Humor with Brooke Preston

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 7:00pm
Gramercy Books
2424 East Main Street
Bexley, OH 43209

Based on the mega viral McSweeney’s piece of the same name, New Erotica for Feminists is a sly, satirical take on all the things that turn feminists on. From a retelling of Adam and Eve to tales of respectful Tinder dates, New Erotica for Feminists answers the question of “What do women really want?” with stories of power, equality, and an immortal Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Co-authored by four comedy writers and satirists—Caitlin Kunkel, Brooke Preston, Fiona Taylor, and Carrie Wittmer—the book is both light-hearted and empowering. Midwest-based co-author Brooke Preston will describe the process of writing the book (an unusual collaboration where the four hadn’t been under the same roof until the weekend they finished the book) and discuss what it’s like to have a short form comedy piece go viral and lead to a book deal. 

Brooke’s work has been read or heard on McSweeney’s, Reductress, Romper, and other web and print outlets. She is a proud faculty member of The Second City Training Center, where she teaches in the Online Satire Writing program. She also leads workshops for the Thurber House, MadLab and others.